Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hitchhiking Tip #2: Stay Clean!

If you haven't had a shower in a week, at least try to look like you have! This, to me, is a very very important tip. Ask yourselves, if you were to pick up a hitchhiker, would you pick up one who looks like he'll stink up your car? Most people would say no, they wouldn't. So even if you do smell to high heavens, at least look like you're as fresh as a daisy. Once they realize you've just rolled in the dumpster it'll be too late to drive off without you!
Also, have some gear with you, a backpack at the very least. This gives you purpose. Again, many who picked us up said they did so because we looked like travelers, not hobos. Chuck always stayed clean shaven and wore a travelling hat. He swears by that hat to this day. So go get one! It'll keep the sun off your face and make you appear all "worldly and stuff."


  1. Yep, totally agree with this! The pack thing is a great tip. When hitchhiking with my then fiance, now husband, many people who picked us up said it was because we looked like travelers, or like Europeans. A couple ladies who'd never picked up hitchhikers before told us how they were sure we were from Europe and felt sorry for us because we must not know that no one hitchhikes in the U.S. :)

  2. "no one hitchhikes in the US" I hear that a lot and it makes me want to try it. I just hitchhiked across Canada, my first hitching attempt, and wow what a great time! I'm addicted now for sure.

    being clean is definitely a good idea. I sold all my stuff before I left and kept my nicer looking clothes because I thought it would help. people constantly commented that they picked me up because I didn't look sketchy, and they never normally pick up hitchhikers.