Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jansport Big Bear 63

Jansport Big Bear 63

This was Chuck’s backpack. I personally loved it. This thing is huge and it’s the smallest Big Bear they have at 63 liters. It has two huge side pockets, a good front pocket, a ton of room on the inside with a drawstring top. My personal favorite was the compression hood. It had a ton of room and Chuck carried both of our rain jackets in it. This pack compresses so well! He could do some serious shrinking from top to bottom and also on the sides. It has great waist straps that are very wide and sit perfectly on the hips. The only complaint Chuck had for this backpack were the shoulder straps. He said they really needed some more padding. My only complaint would be how long this pack is. It fit him perfectly of course, but I’m much shorter. I would have loved to have one but it was just way too huge for me. He got it on sale at Campmor for about 60 bucks. They still have this sale going on so check it out here: Jansport Big Bear 63

Also, order a free catalog from them here: Free Campmor Catalog You’ll get a new one every season! I absolutely recommend the Big Bear. It’s a great internal frame pack built for backpacking. They have three different sizes but unless you’re planning on permanently moving to the woods the 63 liter is probably all you’ll need.

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