Friday, September 24, 2010

Lost in Denver

Denver is not a small city, I don't care what anyone says. So we were in the middle of Denver with no idea of where to go to get to Mt. Falcon Park, were in need of another cell phone charger, and we also had 40 lb soaking wet backpacks to lug around in the late spring heat. So I called 411 and found out where the nearest ATT store was. Now, I will give this to the people of Denver, I think you meant well. Unfortunately, every set of directions or bus info we recieved was wrong. We began to think people were out to screw us up. We finally found the ATT store where we had to shell out more than $30 for a stupid charger, we left it charging there and went off down the street to check out some thrift stores. I found a nice light fleece jacket and Chuck got himself one as well. Alright, now we just had to get the charger and phone and find out how to get to Mt. Falcon Park.

Well, we walked. And walked. Rode that free trolly. Walked a lot more. We somehow ended up in a very bad part of town with no clue if we were heading the right way. We were sitting on the lawn of some business across the street from a strip club, trying to relax and figure out what we were to do when we hear a female voice yell, "HEY! I like to FUCK!" To which Chuck replies, "Everyone does!" Then the nasty stripper was laughed back inside.

After realizing we couldn't afford another cab, we walked a ways more until we made it to a drive thru Starbucks where we took out our wet sleeping bags and laid them out to dry. A very nice lady who worked at the Starbucks brought us out some ice water. I decided to try my 'uncle' one last time, so I worked up the tears and dialed. "I don't know where we are *sniff* some horrible part of town *sniffle sniffle* please, please, could you come help us? *crying* We'll have to sleep on the streets *sniff cry sniff*" And we were in. "Ok, ok, what street are you on? We'll be right there!" So we packed our stuff back up and waited for our ride.


  1. Hey there! I was wondering if yall have any practical tips for getting out of Denver... I'm actually setting off here shortly in that area and I'd appreciate any tips you could dole out, if any. Thanks and happy hitchhiking! -Nessa

  2. We had a crazy hard time getting out of Denver because we were expecting a ride. Best advise I can give you is this: find out where you'll be at when you get there and where you're heading when you leave and mapquest it. The locals were no help when it came to bus schedules but we were very new to them as well. If you know you're way around city transport it will be much easier.

    On a side note, if you're going in the direction of Breckenride, Frisco, Copper Mt, etc (they're all connected) they have FREE public transportation!